October 25th, 2007


Random Ketchup

So ... there's a hundred and four books on the Mencken table, all signed... I'll get some of them packed today and sign more ... tomorrow morning since I have to take what got packed yesterday to the PO and then ... we have a gig at a Adult Ed class to "splain 'bout writin" ... and then we'll have a signing on Saturday at Childrens Book Cellar. ...and other stuff needs done, too.

Monday: went to chess and in round robin action I think I lost one game, drew one game, and whomped a bunch games. There were a couple v close ones, but in a couple I was flying: didn't matter if I was playing black side or white. I note that we were in theory playing 1/2 hour games but I wasn't interested in rated games and so we were all playing with vim and vigor and what-the-heck; some of the games lasted ten or twelve minutes. It was good fun, especially for me.

Been signing books-- signing doesn't take long. But packing ... packing a few hundred books is non-trivial.

Yesterday: flu shot city. This year's event was much better than last year's cattle-call, despite being the same location. I think they set longer hours and two different days so people didn't feel they all needed to be there at 7:59 AM without fail. this time the primary parking lot was at capacity but there were not, by the time I left, cars parked legally and illegally up and down the two intersecting roads as they had been last year. Of course last year *had* been good -- I turned around in line and realized I was standing next to a long time friend and fan of ours who was just back from the orient and on the way to Michigan... wheee.

And I see by the clock on the wall... that I need to get the trash out. Loads of fun here in writerland.