October 23rd, 2007

Lord Black Cat

And there you go: orbit

In the pulp mags there were stories criticized for having nothing happen, stories that were about the goshwow of living in the future instead of being about ... action stuff.

So today, here I am, Mr. Life-in-2007, chatting with my wife via teletype (well, IM) as she works miles from here, and while I perform ordinary function of my business. Behind me, a disc of plastic spins and is read by lasers, proving me with music, and on one corner of the "view screen" I employ there are images from a spaceship, freshly launched as well as images from the base it was launched from in Florida ... as Jules Verne predicted. While I wait for the radar in the kitchen to finish warming lunch I continue to monitor the space launch and print order for my most recent product orders from Canada, Australia, the UK, Alabama, and NY. I've been invited (but declined due to workload) to visit with several friends by teleremote (in Second Life)...

Oh yes, products of my company. Books: written electronically and sometimes delivered electronically; even the paper copies are printed from electronic records rather than hot-gutsy linotype.

I can bank 24 hours a day, order and sell goods 24 hours a day, and besides having spoken with my mother this morning (she's in Maryland) and IMing with Sharon I'm mostly on task, if still trying to locate a portable with a price point approaching the Foleo's expected price point... sigh.

Nothing happening here. You can move on. Goshwow!
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