October 22nd, 2007


In brief

So ...


Duainfey has been electronically shipped to editor and agent... which means we can expect sometime in the future to get a revision letter. Count on it. Meanwhile, there's a rumor afoot that someone will be doing a podcast of the first half of Misfits....who knew?

I have so far packed about 10 percent of the signed hardback second volume of Liaden Universe Companions; they along with about 4 percent of the trade papers are either at the PO or will be at the PO today. We're shipping, as much as possible, in a first-in, first-out process, so if you ordered in May your books will be awhile because a lot of people ordered ahead of you in November and December. I am *really* sorry we don't have our in-town office set up yet... soon, I hope, soon.

Can you say plot holes? I knew you could... We watched some more of Peter Gunn last night, a great way to relax after a hard weekend of revision. Guess what -- you mostly only noticed the plot holes *after* the show was over, so hey, that's entertainment for you -- first to watch and be drawn in (and amazed at how many people smoked and carried guns)and next to say, after, "Oh, but hey!..."

Pretty day yesterday, looks like a warmer one today, which may not be pretty after all if the air quality dips again.

Thanks for all the pre-orders on Dragon Tide. I do apologize for getting to that so late, but I didn't want to be running two pre-order databases at once if I could avoid it. Remind me someone, in a day or two I'll post a PDF ofthe Dragon Tide flyer so you can snarf some down for cons if you're going that way.

With luck, chess tonight.
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