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it came out of the wordwork

Con stuff and more
Sometimes conventions are about prancing your latest books about -- and I did a bit of that at Con*cept, but ... my heart wasn't quite in it because Rolanni was at home and the thrill of a collection coming out is different than the thrill of a novel coming out... at least for me.

On the other hand, conventions are about getting in touch and staying in touch, which Con*cept was really good for. I had several panels with Jo Walton, and if the blogging panel felt like the focus was on Jo and I rather than on the topic, which made it a difficult panel for others, the Is Fantasy Necessary panel was a major treat, with Jo Walton, me, Peter Halasz, Violette Malan, and Timothy Carter going at the question with a good audience in the big hall. I have to say this panel was one in which everyone got ... passionate ... about why fantasy is useful/required/not to be dismissed/ the foundation of all fiction and rather than being the potential cookie-cutter it could have been it turned out extremely well. I'd had a chance to with Jo some the day before (we signed side by side), but after this one we wandered upstairs to the con staging and hung out until our individual readings started.... and somehow we also involved the artshow in this, I forget how. Oh ... we went to look at the awards....

I was gratified at the number of people at the con who'd obviously read our work - after all, one does not accidentally have a name reading "Gordon Arbuthnot, Dutiful Passage" -- and even without an official Friends of Liad breakfast I got to spend some time with newly met fans, which is always good.

In passing, the artshow was small but the display of awards was good, with our Nubella and Jo Walton's World Fantasy Award offering interesting contrasts to the more ... formal ... traditionally styled awards around the display.

News about news:

And by the way, I'm returned from the post office, where the first round of LUC2 shipments went out today. Don;t hold your breath, though, since we've got to concentrate on getting things signed this weekend so I'll be able to do the mailings myself later on.