October 18th, 2007


Part of a Con report, and more about today, with news...

I admit it: while at Con*Cept I was spending a fair amount of time in my room, more than I usually do at a con. This was not because I was a avoiding people, but because the ancient Toshiba, powered by Linux, let me stay in touch with Rolanni via IM and we made good use of the collaborative process, even across international borders.

While I was not collaborating electronically... I was at a con. A good con, as it turns out.

Friday night, having wandered the streets of nearby Montreal much of the afternoon, I was part of a ... Space Opera panel. Later in the weekend I was part of another Space Opera panel. Umm ...and Space Opera just kept coming up, for some reason. In any case, any panel with David Weber will be fun, and if we settled anything at all on these panels is that we're going to keep writing and reading Space Opera, and hope you will too.

After the space opera panel, like get up and rush downstairs after, I shared a wine/beer/bar talk with Claude Lalumiere; that turned out quite nicely even though not a lot of fans had yet found the bar. A question came up when collector Peter Halasz objected to the concept of public collections of art and collectible science fiction... the topic arising out of my former occupation as Curator of Science Fiction for the UMBC SF Research Collection.

So what do you think: should collections of art and rare literature be ceded to private collectors? Do they do a better job of keeping what's worthwhile than public institution do? Good discussion and I was sorry when the time was up... but then, hey, I ended up back in the same seat not 20 minutes later when Tanya Huff and some others decided that it was too early to sleep and we couldn't find any parties open...

An aside -- Peter Halasz was a treasure on the weekend: witty, intelligent, and even when not on the same side of an idea, very willing to discuss. He was part of several events I was on and helped make them enjoyable for me as well as the audience, I'm sure.

Another question: is gin dead? The hotel bar had no gin, and this is the second or third time I've run into the "no gin here" where alcohol is served. Is vodka taking over? Just as well I mostly drink wine, I guess...

Alas, the blogging panel came off to me as ... bland. Maybe I was tired... the moderator did a good job of trying to keep it moving, but as what seemed to be the only discussion of electronic publications issues at the con it was carrying a lot of freight and couldn't keep up to speed with it.

More about the con as I think it over or get to it... in the meantime, today I updated
the SRM catalog page at http://www.korval.com/srmcat2.htm where I also included a link to the pre-order for our coming holiday chapbook, Dragon Tide, (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #13) ... http://www.korval.com/dragontide1.html.

Also today we confirmed the signing at Childrens Book Cellar in Waterville (10 to noon, Saturday the 27th of October)-- you're all welcome to visit, you know!, were dissuaded from a signing at a college too close to the Watervilel signing, and we agreed to do a talk for a "Writing for Publication" class taught by local SFWA member Jean Ann Pollard near the end of the month.
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