October 11th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

Little detours add up quickly and other great thoughts

Have arrived in the big city, and toured it inadvertently after not realizing how immediate the phrase "take a right and another right" happened ... but there, it *is* an interesting city, even to drive circles and squares through.

Up not as early as I'd planned, this so Rolanni and I could breakfast together at Tim Horton's before I started. A shift changeover at Pilot in Fairfield slowed me down a bit more, but I was on the road by 7:20 A.M. or so with ... Dave Brubeck supplying the music. Odd how well the urban coolness fit the drive so drizzly/foggy through Fairfield, Norridgewock (what, LJ doesn't recognize Norridegewock?), Madison, Anson and North Anson, Kingfield ...and the many Maine spots before I hit the border. It worked so well I left Dave on for two full go-rounds on the CD. For the border crossing -- properly before the border crossing at Coburn Gore, I stopped at a roadside rest area, finished my pumpkin muffin, and put Vanilla Fudge on the CD player... which worked out well. As I crossed the border the mist stopped and suddenly the landscape was flooded with light ... just as One Velvet Morning... hit the speakers. That was 99.9 miles since the Pilot, IIRC.

I listened to Vanilla Fudge for most of two grounds as well; then went to the sounds of the road for awhile, before figuring I was closing in on Montreal and ought to do something fannish ... so I popped Parody Violations into the player .. perfect timing, with "Psi Nought" coming on just as I hit the approaches to Champlain Bridge.

Technical problems ... I'm using the (suddenly ancient) Toshiba laptop as a desktop -- dem battery don't want to take no charge no how no way. I'm using the old Freespire on this, and that's working well; in fact after a battery related glitch cut us off I even managed to connect to Rolanni via Gaim (well I did ... Gaim hadn't gotten the stupid rename to Pidgin yet when I put it on here)...gues I really need to do some updating...

Arriving at the hotel I drove around the parking garage twice, up and down, before finding an opening space on the second level... and have since moved the car to the lower level in order not to have to use the Amtrak-skinny spiral staircase as a route for my luggage....

So, perhaps some more later...
Oh, right, I saw the idgns for Con*Cept and there was a room wide-open ... but unoccupied. Off to dinner and such, and then perhaps more later.

No, wait, in honor of another Maine writer:

Wildlife and roadkill report: saw *lots* of turkeys, and two moose, several hawks, and a bazillion crows and squirrels. Huh -- the LJ spellcheck recognizes ?bazillion? -- On the down side, saw what appeared to have been remains of a hawk or owl, a coyote or large dog, and something over 17 raccoons, along with a few skunks and some large number of ex-squirrels.