October 7th, 2007


More notes from The Neighborhood

How'd you like to push a locomotive around? If you get lucky, you can do it in Unity!


Meanwhile, if you happen by a magazine stand, the latest issue of a major publication has an article: called "The Wiscasset Dream Reborn" with a subhead .... "See how this Maine two-footer came back to life with a vengeance" ... Me, I think they overdo the subhead, but hey, it's close enough to local. Trains magazine -- you didn't know? Well ... vist here: http://www.trains.com/trn/default.aspx?c=i&id=2&iid=47

And so, I'll be in Montreal the end of this week. Is there anything really special on/about the Metro there, besides the rubber tires? Anything close to a must see site for a railfan?

Also: http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/news/local/4321689.html ... news from our larger neighborhood. We'll be signing Liaden Universe Companion #2 "on the Concourse" October 27th -- stop in Childrens Boolcellar!

More later -- time to eat!