October 5th, 2007

New bird

Quick Friday

Contracts ...

I told Rolanni I'd have something done today, Friday, when she gets home from the college. Now ... it looks like I need to write about 4000 unanticipated words to get that done... oh, my. I'll start that in a few minutes, you betcha.

Our printer is sending 6 somethings of "office use" trade papers of Liaden Universe® Companion Volume 2. Might arrive today. The problem I'm having is trying to figure out if they've sent 6 copies or 6 cases. News at 11? The *real* problem is that the online page showing how many of what has been dispatched has ... untraditional... abbreviations making it hard to decipher. So, if you see a post later today of the traditional "truck, truck" variety, you'll know I know.

And if I haven't mentioned it here, I should. The traditional -- "Oh, the hardback will be a few days more" is happening ... and this from a printer unrelated to the previous 5 or 6 inflictions. Go figure.

When it comes to keeping your health records online. For example, Microsoft seems bent on owning your records and your computer...
http://www.linuxmednews.com/1191521272 ... it seems to say here that if you use their new "service" they can mess with your computer at whim, and let anyone they name mess with it at whim, to protect themselves. Let the sicko beware?

And if you hurry, this link may show you a pretty good photo of a heron flying along above the Sebasticook... one of the several rivers we cross nearly daily. http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/includes/global2/centralmaine/photos/071005-lg_1855010167.jpg
... a great area this is for bird watchers...

To words, to words!
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Truck, truck, truck...

But not the *big* truck.

We have six copies and not six cartons of LUC#2 in hand. I made sure that's what was in the box and will now get back to writing. It is, alas, not likely the books will appear before Con*Cept, next week.
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