October 3rd, 2007


Little Help From Our Fledgling Friends...

I'll be putting this in several places...so if you see it twice, it may not be your imagination, after all.

We need some ...odd... help with Theo while other things are in process: namely, we need to get a word count on the *actually online* Fledgling.

Why is this, you wonder? Don't the authors have *one good copy*? Well... no. We have chapters hung on the web, that's what we have.

It turns out, on inspection, that Fledgling, so far has been written on two different laptops, 5 or 6 different desktops, and an AlphaSmart. OS involved? two different Mac OS, AlphaSmart's whatever, WinXP, and at least these in Linux: -- Kubuntu, Mandriva, Linspire, Freespire, and Xandros.

Portions have been written in several varieties of OpenOffice, Kword, GoogleApps, whatever AlphaSmart uses, two different versions of WordPerfect, ViM, Notepad, and (alas), even MicroSoft Word. And, for the most part, the originals are still on the machines they were written on.

So -- does anyone out there have a current word count (or could you generate one) from the web stuff? Please understand that historically we get different word counts for the same document when using OpenOffice and WordPerfect, and Word apparently counts in some world of Microsoft's making.

Why all this? Well, we've been busily doing other things and we need to make some decisions regarding Theo's story...RSN.

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