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it came out of the wordwork

Slow morning for me
Lord Black Cat
Slow morning for me:

So far this morning I've won 17.77 million$ in lotteries, been offered gift cards to Wal*mart, Applebee's, and OfficeMax, and been informed of no less than six lonely women needing my attention... sigh. I also got my coffee, which is worth more than all of the above.

Now, the real world:

Fledgling continues -- you have read this week's installment, right? That's Chapter 30 in case you lost count.

Rolanni, aka Sharon, has today discovered she has more books and stories for sale at Fictionwise -- http://www.fictionwise.com/eBooks/SharonLeeeBooks.htm ; please tell your friends and order your own. These particular stories and books are not available in other electronic editions, IIRC, so if you dig e&p reading (that's electrons and phosphors, thanks), here's your chance. If you do partake of the new release, remember you can use the rating system if you want. OK, that could be a hint. Want the *other* electronic stuff? Lee & Miller electronic < a href=http://www.webscription.net/s-117-sharon-lee.aspx>Liaden Universe® collections and individual books abound at Baen books</a>, and if you go to Binjali's on Baen's Bar you'll find some discussion...

A few notes for the advertent: yes, I'll still take those "take 5 orders" until October 5 -- I need room for the incoming books, yes I do. October 5 is when I have to decide if I'm going to add a POD to the backyard for storage for a month. If you know anyone interested in wholesale or reading group quantities -- say six or more -- have them get in touch with me.

The pre-order buttons still work for Liaden Universe® Companion #2 -- once I get word that the books have been shipped we'll have to shift gears so there may be a day or two where they will not be offered.
If I sell the books pre-ordered I don't have to deal with long term storage. Oh, right, here's a LARGE file showing the cover of Liaden Universe® Companion #2 ... .as I get time I hope to both make it sharper and smaller.

I have a lonely box with a around a half dozen copies of Hellspark in it. Room is room... if you want one drop me a note -- figure $18 with shipping. Any left after the LUC2 shipping frenzy will go to eBay.


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