September 29th, 2007


In passing ... and truck...

Below is a link for a photo of a stretch of road near Unity, Maine. I pass here frequently, sometimes I'm on it ten or twelve times a week, if not more. Notice that not all of the traffic follows the road. This is the second or third such photo I've posted in the last year ... yes, we do travel the boonies, don't we? But hey, soon the nearest Tim's will be less than ten miles from here, eh!

Truck, truck, truck....

well there, those of you familiar with Lee&Miller terminology will understand... that something arrived. Thursday, two cover for the the trade paperback of Liaden Universe Companion #2. Not proofs, but printed covers.
Friday, late, Eddie the Fedex guy returned, this time with two copies of the hardback cover ... yes, I wish they'd sent them in the same package, since I'm paying... but still, glad to have them.

Eventually I'll get this HP Scanner to talk to my system again and show you a copy...

And, that means four "advance copies" of the books should arrive RSN, most likely also delivered by our guy Eddie. Go team!

it is a wonderful clear and cool day. *This* is what fall weather should be.
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