September 24th, 2007

Second Life

Mixed Grill for late September, version 2 .. slight update from today's bar-talk

We have ... been busy ...

Fledgling Chapter 29 got finished yesterday, "polished" before breakfast and uploaded some early this morning. If you can't find it, try refreshing your browser/cache etc.

Meanwhile, the rough draft of Duainfey was finished last evening at around 95000 to 96,999 words depending on the word processor; now I have to go through in the next 10 days and reconcile everything we meant to get in with what we *did* get in along the way. That and some clean-up for me, then back to Sharon for one last read-and-shake-up before turning in.

News from Scott Raun elsewhere, saying he's starting to see sightings of Sharon's stuff on Fictionwise, where an author search on Sharon Lee will reveal some of her singleton stories, formerly at Embiid, now re-pixled.

As things go now I'm trying to locate a dim sum restaurant .. or someone to bring me takeout from one -- for when I'm in Montreal for Con*cept... I'm finding web pages from 2003 and don't think I should judge from them. Anyone else reading here going to be there?

This just in: Liaden Universe Companion #2 is said to be "off the press now" which means the sheets are off to be bound ... so we may well have this in house by October 17 or so. Once we have that set, I'll be able to: order Liaden Universe Companion #1, the reprint... and get to the holiday chapbook, which should ship, oh, maybe the week after Thanksgiving. About ordering for that chapbook? Not yet, I'm juggling an old system and a new system and can't add another process quite yet.
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