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it came out of the wordwork

Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney), 1948-2007
The news reached us overnight:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Jordan ... and there's discussion at Making Light and elsewhere.

A man who entertained millions with his words... and many of them never knew his name.

Portions of the material below taken from my post elsewhere
Well, heck:

First few minutes of Theo's installment today was slightly confused and slightly late -- the cover proofs for Liaden Universe Companion #2 are in house, having arrived right around the launch time ... and needing to sign and then to show them off (with trepidation) to the FEDEX guy who is a fan ...

So I came back after interruption to launch Theo, which I decided to do manually since the last time I tried the auto-upload we glitched. So, we glitched today with the first two attempts ... from the wrong folder. Distracted 'R Us.

I think after consideration that we could actually use a glitchwiki type page to fix the growing number of minor errors/typos/goof-ups attaching themselves to the Fledgling site. Mmaybe we need an actual glitchwiki, I don't know. Thoughts? do we need a page for each chapter or just a thread here for each 5 chapters?

I'm behind schedule on several things today and need to look at the proofs besides, so I may not get back here until tomorrow, but your thoughts on a glitchwiki are welcome.

Also meanwhile, it is a wonderfully pretty day outside, my lunch is cooking, and I need a clear head to stare at the proofs with. Perhaps we'll get several sets of eyes on this if we can...