September 15th, 2007


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Odds and end ... Theo needs to talk to me RSN ...

Odd ends for sure:

Here's one, a pet for no-pet places:

Here's one -- sacred meteors/meteroites ... I think the parent body is one \I saw when I was about 8 ....

If you bought SCOX ... sigh, why?. If you think SCOX has been barking up the wrong IP tree:

Careful what you do with that cat:

News: in theory the cover proofs for LUC2 are in motion but not arrived here yet; I think they go first from pre-press to printer and then from printer to us; we shall see. I note there was some glitchiness here resulting in an extra couple days of delay; my fault for assuming that the defaults in the template I was using were industry defaults... which they were (I find) not. On the other hand, working that problem out helped in the LUC mass market cover work, so there -- a learning experience.

I did go to chess at the Waterville chess club Monday night. If you're within a few hours drive and a chess player, let me know and maybe we can arrange a chess-and Tim's get together RSN -- Tim Horton's is opening in town any day now, hoooray! Oh yeah, Monday was quite active with club-rated games ... all in all I probably picked up 10 points but I still got bashed around some in a couple 20 minute games. FWIW, we've sent an invite out to Colby College to try to get some new victims, blood members or drop-ins.

Am I frustrated or what? I am, yes. I had a chance to get a very good deal on a lightweight but not exactly what I wanted laptop a few months ago, but I said no, given the Foleo due in from Palm. Now, Palm has lost it's nerve (and ten million bucks$!) and decided not to ship. I sill have my Visor and a folding keyboard, largely unused in the last years since I haven't been traveling, but the Foleo would have been very near perfect for me... so much so that I was in the ship-mine-now list for first-day-issue.

I want a real keyboard -- I'm too old (and cranky) to type with my damn thumbs and I want a real screen since I can't see a lot of the phone screens. Gah and gah again. Maybe the EEE 701 will actually get distributed this year. I understand that they've dropped immediate plans for an 8 gig machine and will be upping the price but at around two lbs and a working computer...for $400 I'd find a way....

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