September 12th, 2007


Mixed ketchup ... or catch up if that's your spelling ... lots of SRM stuff!

Long ago and far away, last Friday in fact, I wrote about the possibility of a $9.99 or $10.00 Liaden Universe Companion Number One, in an unstrippable mass-market-sized package.

Monday, I held a UPS-delivered bound proof in my hands, complete with a typo on the spine... sigh. Responses here in Journeyman seem about 20 to 1 in favor of the idea, and so I'm in the process of fixing the typo, straightening a bit of interior type, and the like ... and ordering the ISBN. Once Bowker admits I am heard, I'll be able to get the rest of those things in train and we'll be in gear. After that, I look toward a compilation of some Lee and Miller non-Liaden stories for SRM.

If you've ordered Liaden Universe Companion #2, please read what's behind the cut below, which is an unfilled in version of the letter I am slowly getting out to folks who pre-ordered. I'm putting it here because a number of folks ordered from Earthlink and other anti-communication ISPs and I'm not going to jump through their permissions hoops one more time, no sir.
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SRM Publisher Ltd... took a couple unscheduled days off over the weekend after my contact at The Skylark called with the information that they had (unexpectedly) one room open for one night on the weekend. This is very rare... so we packed a small bag when Rolanni came home from the college Friday night and were on the road Oh Very Early Saturday morning so we could catch the high-tide at Old Orchard Beach. I dropped Rolanni and the beach chairs off and circled the town a bit looking for a legal parking space for about a half-hour and finally snarfed one up on Brown Street. We beachwalked and beachwatched for awhile and then the good folks at the Skylark got us into the room more than an hour early. SRM also investigated several offices and retail spots for rent/lease in the area during our stay; and we left late Sunday.

Yesterday I fixed Maryland style crab cakes(hold the whitebread! if it ain't (Ritz or equivalent) crackers, it ain't right!) with Old bay Seasoning for Rolanni's birthday dinner. This morning, off to town early to investigate opportunities in town.

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