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it came out of the wordwork

And so numbers, numbers, numbers, and who's counting, anyway?
So, according to Feedburner, this many people subscribe to the Fledgling Podcast -- that's not how many people read Fledgling, but how many people get the Sam Chupp voice-cast of the latest chapter.

Remember, you can also subscribe! I guess number you get will go up if you *do* subscribe, or if someone else subscribes. You could collect the set and listen while you drive to work ...always recalling that this is a rough draft of the novel.

This came up because of request from the Accounting Department promotional department of one of our publishers, and I remembered that Sam had sent along the link but I hadn't gotten to it in the midst of other stuff.

Meanwhile, doing promo stuff, we see that Cat Whisker Digest, our "Let's play with this html stuff" experiment, went online in December of 1995.... and our first ebooks went out in 1989. Sometimes we get ahead of the curve, I guess...

Busy morning; I've heard from the printer for LUC2 and we've confirmed hardback color cover and headband color. Meanwhile, the *other* printer is doing a test for me: we're doing an experimental proof of a LUC1 in mass market size, with glossy cover. If the LUC1 test works out, we're considering consolidating some of the other Lee&Miller chapbooks into a one or two no-strip mass market size books. Cross fingers.

More later, or tomorrow. Lily count: 0 .. they done.