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it came out of the wordwork

Late, was late... to a very important date ...
Me, I just hate it when things that are supposed to be automatic... aren't. Can't blame the ftp program, though... it did what I actually told it, instead of what I meant to tell it.

In case you don't know, that means Fledgling, Chapter 27 is up, though it went up about 25 minutes late. At least the teaser got out on time.

Around here: the last of the current day lily blooms burst today ... I'm not expecting any more this year, but last year we had a couple of late ones, after all...

Yes, I have made my hotel reservations for ConCept 2007 .. which means I can scout out Montreal a bit for WorldCon 2009 -- they won the vote and I know they worked hard to do it, having spoke with them at ...a number of cons in the last few years.