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it came out of the wordwork

Quick, do something ...
Quick, do something ...
but in the meantime, hurry-up and wait!

I've done a lot in the last few days but it's hard to look at the current state of things and exalt. I'm burning up the e-pathways to the new printer, a very learning experience.

Last week I started keeping a dayfile... for the heck of it, the file is built in gVIM
...see: http://www.vim.org/ and consists of places (new sites or new locations within sites) I've been on the web that I might be interested in going back to or in sharing with others. This because my bookmarks are getting overwhelming and need pruned badly. If something survives a couple days in the dayfiles ... and ages well... *then* I'll put it in a bookmark, or share as appropriate, and then nuke from the dayfile. I don't suggest that all of these are of interest to everyone, by any means.

From today's dayfile:

http://lxer.com/ (railfans take note!)

FWIW I have a full Wordstar edtion here I may try to put on a Linux machine, if the media is any good. Need an emulator... but this is a way down the road project, yessir. But then maybe I can use wubi and run wordstar for DOS on Linux, through windows... whoa!

Elsewise, Monday night chess turned into a real free for all. I beat Mark two of of three in rated games, losing one I should have won and winning one i should have lost. Go figure. Played some unrated games with Tyrone and Mark, missed playing Glen who needed to duck out early...

Only three waiting blooms on the day lily, with two fresh today.

Now, lunch over, back to the book files!

Tomorrow, lacking rain, I shall to PO and the local printer.