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it came out of the wordwork

Dreaming Val Con

up early this morning, with some bit-wrestling to do to get the Fledgling episode we finished late yesterday evening ready to pour into the web-container for uploading this morning. Wide awake well before 6 AM, I am, and partly because of the punny dream that woke me just as Rolanni's alarm clock went off...

In the dream I/we are on a panel discussion at a convention (something I've likely logged at least a thousand hours at, now that I think of it)and someone on the panel, one of the note-taking sort, has asked a question about our books tending toward the multi-genre, you know, romance and SF, sf and mystery, science fiction with fantastic elements.... and I'm answering a question and saying, "Yes, right. That's exactly what happens in (that story) .... Val Con is faced with a lot of problems at once and he has to solve them like a mystery novel."

"And which one is that?"

So I point over to whichever book it was, in a stack of the mass markets paperbacks sitting there in the show-and-tell pile ((you did know that's what they are, the books authors lug around all day long at a con, waiting for their chance to wave the things at the back of the ballroom where the six hundred bespectacled fans can easily see the details lovingly obscured by the typography, right, the show-and-tell pile?)) and I point out whichever mass market book I'm discussing and the person I'm paneling with picks it up and says, panelist like, "So if we want to send readers who know they like problem solving to your books, this one's an example of Val Con yos'Phelium, Ace detective?"

And then he woke up, as they say. Sigh... been there and done that, really.

Last few days have been a rush of stuff inside because one, it needs done and two) weather's been lousy hot and muggy, with intermittent rain and thunderstorms, and occasional power glitches. I quick day lily census leaves us less than a dozen for the next few days, so summer is clearly winding down. Last evening Rolanni and I exchanged hostages quite late, I getting the current Duainfey installment (umm ... "isn't this ' must' supposed to be 'much' here where the magic has built up..?" and she arriving at Theo's place " OK, where all these guys rush in and she turns to face them, you we're typing so fast all your ' 's ' are ' ;s ' .... and dinner was a leisurely mutual cross-genre dissection over a glass of pink box-wine (hi there, Doc Narbon!) and a chicken-and-cheese sandwich on whole wheat (one with, one without, mustard.)

By the way, we're waiting for the coffee to come around again on the guitar. I'm not tired. Or proud....

On today's agenda: sending out a few dozen more notes to folks who have pre-ordered Liaden Universe Companion #2, telling them... the books are late. Slowly we turn. Inch by inch. Step by step. Mile by mile....