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it came out of the wordwork

Mixed media
Lord Black Cat
And so I have committed SRM Publisher to a new store ... in Second Life. In Real Life ... I have mixed reactions to the location I looked at yesterday. There are still a couple of open spots in the area, so in RL I'm still searching ...

In SL the new store is located on Publishers Island, Number 63 on The Street of Best Sellers, IIRC. The following "slurl" ought to work if you already have SL on your machine ... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Publishing%20Island/35/135/37/

I note that the store may not be quite finished, but that it exists at all is due to in-world (FoL) wizards Shawna Montgomery and Anhayla Lycia.

So tonight I need to fill about a dozen SRM Publisher orders .. and I've updated the official LUC2 order page with ISBN, more accurate ship dates, and added the story that we added so there are now ten instead of nine for the book.

Meanwhile: anyone reading this?....

Oh, I meant, anyone reading this expect to be at Con*cept in Montreal in October? I'm not familiar with it -- how are the parties, will there be a an official Baen presence (with Author Guest of Honour David Weber and Author Guest of Honour Tanya Huff I might expect some Barflies if not something official)...

I know this is a fifty days away, but I like to get transportation ducks in a row ahead of time, and I have several sets of directions now and expect that I can be there for breakfast Friday morning as long as it doesn't snow or fog. In beautiful theory...the hotel is about 1 tank of gas away from home, especially if I fuel up tippy-top at my preferred station on the way out. Can anyone comment on better places to refill in Quebec? Shall I expect lower prices on 10 nearer Sherbrooke or closer to Montreal?

Hope those of you leaving for Japan in the next few days have a great trip. I expect to be hearing your con stories for years...

Oh right, always leave 'em laughing... so I was listening to Stephen King's radio station the other day and they played a James McMurtry song, which was cool by me. They used it to lead into some talk about the James McMurtry concert coming up in Bangor in a few days... and then there was one of those sound-bites radio stations like to do... well, to give you the he-saids: "Hello, this is James McMurtry, and I vote Democratic and worship the devil. You're listening to me on WKIT." ....