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it came out of the wordwork

Take 5! and other such business things...
New bird
Things go on:

spent the last few days exchanging hostages information with the various branches of the printer we're going with for LUC2. A very different kind of business it is when you don't just walk in and talk with the boss to get things done... sigh. Now I'm dealing with a company with multiple (and international) sales offices, not to mention multiple printing and warehouse locations. Well, commerce goes forth.

So this morning I got my act in gear very early and finished up the Take 5 clearance page I've been working on in odd moments. Eventually it will be linked to/from the SRM Publisher catalog site. Unless I run out of stock before then it looks like we'll run this to September 19 or 20. Take 5 mentions clearing space for LUC#2... but it may also help lighten the load for moving, since I'm off today to look at potential office/showroom space in the big burg of Waterville.

Waterville is... poised. Colby College is in an expansion phase and has just received a $100 million dollar art collection donation. Thomas College is expanding. All kinds of art things are on the verge of happening, or are happening. Got murals and meeting places and a kiosk. There's a new quiet jazz club, a blues club, a couple of coffee shops (one just opened), there's Fresh Water Arts, there's the Waterville International Film Festival and the remarkable and resilient Railroad Square Cinema it grew out of.

You can see art hanging on walls where once there were shelves full of contact cement and boiler linings. There's Mr. Boghassian's big dream of turning an old mill into a downtown super star...and we've been in that mill with him and thought about a condo there ourselves...

So, if we're hanging around here awhile instead of moving to the ocean, Waterville is the place to give the business a more public face, a place where we can perhaps have small writing clinics and workshops. Might need a new banner ... am thinking about that, too. And who knows, there are a couple of nice neighborhoods in Waterville, and we could save a lot of gas miles by being where the action is.

Yes, the writing proceeds. Experience shows we could use more baskets.

FWIW I note that September 17 will mark the 230th anniversary of the adoption of the US Constitution. And counting, I guess.