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it came out of the wordwork

Business notes again ... looking closely ... sigh
New bird
And so it goes ...

in the name of business we made a list of 24 or so Liaden Universe® stories ...
and have attempted to place them chronologically, or in "universe order" ...
if you'd like to see the list and comment ... please visit Rolanni's "Eagles Over the Kennebec" today...

note on the story list: at least one story is missing from the list, not having been submitted to this particular publisher on account of it had been in submission elsewhere at the time. That would be "This House," which we figure occurred after the time of "The Beggar King". Also not placed in the list is "Misfits" which is not officially published, and "Fighting Chance" which would be approximately between "Heirloom" and "To Cut an Edge" ... Please, if you notice that we've missed something, feel free to let us know ... embarrassingly, an expanding universe is a hard place to keep track of. Rool Tiazin was concerned about that, as Rolanni notes in passing.

If you wish to use this list as a reference, please check with us ... ALSO -- these represent only the Liaden Universe® short works and are not a complete list of all Lee & Miller joint stories ... FWIW, we've got a file box around here that lists 40 completed and placed "Lee and Miller" projects. Fledgling and other WIPs are not yet included. That's a couple million words all told, IIRC.

Meanwhile, the process with the new printer for Liaden Universe Companion #2 continues, and I'm hoping to get my FTP access and such within the next 24-72 hours. We're now shooting for mid-October arrival *here* in Maine which could put books in some pre-order hands as late as November. I note that I just got a quote from one of the places promising "quick turn-around" ... a short that 17 days after I'd submitted specs.

side notes: lily count since Monday ...
Tuesday 6
Wednesday 5
Thursday 4
Friday 4

Other notes: am looking at shopping cart software in an attempt to streamline work here at SRM Central. osCommerce is looking pretty good right now -- anyone have experience or warn-aways for it?

Right ... Ms. Theo keeps muttering at me that there's been something she's meaning to say, but *I* have been too busy with all this other stuff to pay attention. OK, kid, your chance is coming...

Amended to note early afternoon arrival of proofs (via fedex) for the upcoming Ace edition of Crystal Dragon,. This is going to be v hard to fit into the schedule, what with Rolanni returning to full-time work next week.