August 12th, 2007

Yard Iggle

Business notes and more

Saturday's mail brought a couple overseas contracts ... the German publisher wants more, please, sir to the tune of a two more books they hope to have in print by the end of 2008. I think that's 10 for them. We did the read-sign-initial-everywhere trick and will get those back in the mail Monday.

Theo is being peevish. I pointed out she's got a Monday Noon appointment. Well, huh! I'm not sure she's impressed...

Last night we saw the Shuttle/ISS apparition at around 9:23 here in East Winslow, before and after we also got some meteor sightings, which was cool. It wasn't hard dark then, so we came out an hour or so later and got a few more sightings including one very bright yellow-orange one that, from our viewpoint, looked to be falling on the horizon.

Interesting thing was that a number of the meteors ran exactly parallel or overlaid the dust-lanes in the Milkyway, so they appeared to be running down the highway...
I failed to get up at 3:30 for one more look..

This morning ... the day lily count here in the wilds of Maine is: 8

OK, the sharp-eyed who happen to see the icons might note I have some new ones ... actually, most of them have been in the computer for months or longer and, spurred by the prospect of unlimbering the new scanner, I'm just getting to processing them as an in-between-thinking-thing that's not quite like using my network playing solitaire on the various Linux machines. The Yardiggle icon is one of a couple of that bird...
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