August 11th, 2007


Chatting with Theo .. .remember Theo? Also: Perseid Meteor Shower

So after I spent a few days last week concentrating on some other stuff I've been opening Theo's chapter this week. She wasn't sure she approved of my vacation, I think, but since I'm back she *did* have a few things to tell me....

Meanwhile - tonight is a good night or sky-watching if you have clear skies and and are at all interested in meteors and such things as the ISS and the shuttle together again.... ... it turns out that here, between 9:16 and 9:24 we have a good chance of seeing meteors and the Shuttle/ISS Express. I wonder if the addition of the new truss will assist in viewing... on the other hand, after a day of extremely blue skies we're now experiencing near total overcast.

Oh right, lily count today: 2.

Now to work again....
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