August 10th, 2007


Called away, but this to say:

Still reading short stuff? ...

we got a call last night offering us an opportunity to visit with some folks unexpectedly in state; we'll be doing that today.

Meanwhile, check out this article on

this is a call for genre readers to subscribe to short fiction publications.
We know a number of our readers have gone with Jim Baen's Universe, and some other have been mentioning Apex or Talebones....

What can I say? When I was a new writer I sold short fiction and reviews and articles to such places as Amazing as well as to such places as Owlflight and American Inventor and Times Lost, World Forgotten and Sqounk and ...and literally dozens of tiny markets, markets that would be today the equivalent of 1 cent a word or so.

Yep, suddenly economic times are hard. That means that sitting back and reading is a lot better deal than rushing down the free way ... here's a comparison for you --
I remember when a magazine cost me about the same as two to three gallons of gas. Guess what -- right now that would mean a magazine at $7.50 isn't a bad deal.

Look around -- help some of the zines. here .. an old issue of Amazing -- my second "really big sale" ... who else was in this November 1978 issue? Robert F. Young, Glen Cook, James Sallis, Charles V. deVet, Grant Carrington, William F. Temple, Jack C. Haldeman II, A. Bertram Chandler, Marion Zimmer Bradley ... no room on the cover for me, but I was in good company.

Look at may of 1978 where I was in the company of:
Gordon Eklund
Mack Reynolds
Lisa Tuttle
Charles Sheffield
among others....

Support the magazines -- not all good fiction is long fiction.... and some new stars may be sitting in the wings, waiting for that first publication break.