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it came out of the wordwork

Some business, some not
Not business:

A 4 lily sighting today, same as yesterday.


We have a winner in the quote contest, it would appear. I'll start tomorrow sending email and snail mail to people who have pre-ordered Liaden Universe® Companion #2 ... because tomorrow I ought to have a new approximate availability date after talking with the new printer. August and even September appear to be out. What a zoo.

Not business....
oh ho ... I seen the fancy new Apple with 24 inch display does non-MS spreadsheets. Apple spreadsheets in fact. If they keep this up they'll eventually have a business-capable machine. Now what they need is small business book-keeping program...


In the interim I have roughed out a Liaden Universe Companion #1 mass market size book. If we do it, it will NOT be a strippable book handled by strong-armed distributors.

Not business:

a beautiful day today, which I got to be out in for a little while. It started as a proper Maine summer day does, with temps around 50 F, which made for good sleeping weather last night.


Writers, be sure to keep a good database/spreadsheet with all of the dates and places of all your publications so you don't have to do a shelf-search when you want to re-sell those rights.

Fannish stuff:

Joe Haldeman will be doing a reading in Second Life on Sunday, as I understand it. From a forthcoming book. Cool!