August 7th, 2007


Der Mann, der nicht Terrence O'Grady war, hatte Ruhe bewarht

Such an interesting "business"...

Der Mann, der nicht Terrence O'Grady war, hatte Ruhe bewarht. Right on!

Yesterday, suddenly and without warning, our three copies of
"Der Agent and Die Söldnerin" arrived. A desk copy for each of us... and an addition to our two-meter Lee & Miller show-off shelf in the living room. That's business, right?... Nice art. Nice, not quite foil cover.

Meanwhile ...

I spoke with one of the printers with way-out-of-line pricing and found out that much of it was with how they deal with hardcover binding. Big sigh; this is not a "let's sharpen the pencils" to fix it kind of thing.

Then I called my "project coordinator at one of the other shops. Apparently he fled for vacation last week shortly after speaking with me and is due back sometime later this week. "Support" is trying to locate my quote, which may have gotten caught in spamfilters, after all.

In brief... this morning one lily (corrected ... two! One from today was hiding under yesterday's...) , yesterday 1 lily. Chess last night: Steve 2 Mark 0 in club-rated play, and then Vaughn 1 Steve 0 ... Those who know us will find it instructive that I actually lost on time to Vaughn. My first game against Mark was in the mold of our recent play: I pick up an early pawn with white and then have to hold on; this time around I eventually managed to turn that into a couple pawns and survived the space-advantage his pieces had. Go me! The second game was another matter. I opened with black f6 and managed to get a very favorable pawn structure locking many of his pieces on the other side o the board before ... sleeping a knight. Poof! Now I was piece down and under strenuous attack; the only thing I could do was keep him at bay and save the key bishop rook play I'd been looking at from early on. I got what I needed when he attacked one move too soon; I got a tempo on him and kaboom! The forced checks meant I won three pieces back and threatened mate as long as I didn't stalemate him...I simplified instead to three(!) passed pawns and that was it. The game with Vaughn was very tricky, with me giving up the exchange for time and room; and I'd like say it nearly worked but really, it was a grind-it- out endgame with chances for both sides, but better chances for him. Good game Vaughn...

And the "I'll call you right back" hasn't happened, and so *that* decision clarifies.
And ... addition .... I got a call back promising quotes by end of day. Cross fingers...