August 6th, 2007


Some work

A modest amount of real work done today; a sudden barrage of thunder storms interrupted some stuff, but it is summer, you gotta expect. And it sounds like more storms on the way.

Delivered a bunch of things to PO, and stopped on way home to pick up some mayonnaise ... and came away with two jars, both proclaiming to be "light." With one this is a very real technical term: although it sits side by side with the quart jars and very nearly sneaks by, this jar is *30 ounces* instead of the full 32. Yeppers, that's light. And it means the larger, slightly more expensive jar is the better buy. Guess they took a lesson from the 15 ounce "pounds" of butter in the tubs. I'd have bought Kraft regular by the time I got finished with all the reading and figuring ... except it comes in a goofy hard to use non-jar.

I got the "expanded" bad LUC quote in; still without any real information. At this point I'm looking at making a decision based on the quotes in house Wednesday. Crossing fingers.

The day was running cool enough, at 70 ... but then the last batch of storms dropped the temp to 59 ... and indeed i can hear more storms coming and see them on the weather radar.