August 1st, 2007


Business notes ... why is the coffee gone?

Note the oneth:

Things move on: yesterday I personally visited several printers around the state while looking for new quotes for Liaden Universe Companion #2 ... yes, the book will mostly likely be over a month late. Forgive me, please. At one good-sized printing plant I happened to be met by the owner who was grabbing a coffee in the front office; his office manager recalled that we'd done other printing at their plant over the years. He looked at a sample of LUC 1, mused that the paper was ... likely "natural" at 50 or 55lbs. And he said, "this is laminated -- you want that, and these blank pages are on purpose, right?" Then he took my info and passed it on to his estimator (who had called for a detail by the time I got home.

At the other plant, it took the front desk person *5* requests and quite a few moments on the intercom to get someone to help me, and that person moved me to the "cold call" office and after a short while began slapping at his chest heroically... trying to shut his cell-phone off but not succeeding. He then excused himself and stepped out of the room and spoke on the phone for some minutes before returning to tell me my page count must be off, and that without a micrometer he couldn't be sure of the weight of the paper. I mentioned I'd several other bids out and gee, could he tell me about "the guy in Farmington" and he complacently said that yeah, they'd bought him. Young sales guy then promised to "feed this into the system" and promised me an answer, probably this week.

wonder who I'd prefer to deal with?

note the twoth:

in house we have the first round of interview questions from a German magazine, phantastisch! ... and since these are email interviews it could take awhile before it appears. Apparently the rapid appearance of the German editions of Agent and friends is drawing some interest. One informant reports we're getting sandbagging reviews on -- but how would I know? Anyone here speak German?

note the threeth:

originally meant to be a travel week ending up at TuckerCon/ARCHON/NASFIC, instead this is a recuperation week of sorts and though I'm keeping busy it certainly is not at the same pace as if I were off to the shadow of the Arch. I have shipped some fliers off to NASFIC ... and am hoping the reach Myles, who took over my room when it became apparent I couldn't go. Friends of Liad -- if you see Myles and haven't seen fliers, ask him: I sent two mixed packages. Meanwhile a repeat request -- if you know you're going to be at a convention, we can ship to you before hand to to your destination, but beware, some places charge absurd amounts for handing over a ream of paper. In any case, with luck, we should have some SRM and Liaden interest flyers. Cross fingers. And BTW, anytime you're at a con and it's closing time, Liaden fans are encouraged to pick up and take with them any Liaden flyers they see that appear destined to be tossed ... you can send them back to us media mail, share them with friends, take them to your next convention/book club meeting/family gathering....
we really prefer them to be used, once printed.

Note the four:

Somewhere around here: ... a blog of note ... especially if you are a writer or interested in writing process ... ...
enjoy. If anyone asks, tell 'em Steve sent ya. Meanwhile, if you see a notable blog on a genre-related topic, feel free to let me know....

Note the fivest:

Sharon is apparently not going to Con*Cept in the beautiful city of Montreal this October, while I apparently am. I note Baen authors David Weber and Tanya Huff involved in GoH spots ... it ought to be fun, though I guess I'll have to see how or if my cell service works there...

Note sixish:

I do hope Friends of Lid will be able to put together an FoL breakfast or lunch or party at NASFIC, and if you do I'd love to have some (webbable) photos. I have to tell you that after four or five years of being on the road six to ten weeks for conventions I am going through extreme con withdrawal this year. Attention convention committees: the necessities of Sharon's work schedule these days means we need to plan *far ahead* ... if we win the lottery big-time we may be able to return to a more informal life-style, but the health insurance situation being what it is in Maine, we're expecting I'll be doing more gallivanting than Sharon. If you'd like to see us both, please ask well ahead.

Note the seven:

I have a feeling we're going to hit at least 45 chapters in Fledgling at the current rate, possibly 50. Might be able to get it done, rough, this year. We shall ... see.

Meanwhile, our good (and extremely patient!) buddy Sam Chupp of the Fledgling podcast reports on the order of 150 or 160 subscribers (I guess this is RSS feeds?) to his near weekly reading of Fledgling. Try a listen, do ... and this week, make an effort to tell your friends about Fledgling and the podcast...

Still here? Thanks for reading all this dense stuff! Visit often, tell your friends,
and enjoy!