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it came out of the wordwork

How far to you need to go ...
How far do you need to go to drive into another country?

I can go northwest for 67 miles ... and be in Canada.

I can go north 110 miles and cross the border into Canada.

Or I can go due East and get to ... Canada ... in around 147 miles.

It takes me 104 miles driving West to reach the US, in the form of New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, the maple on the corner of the property is now about 7 feet tall. This is the one that was run over many times by the Department (of the Interior?) of Environmental Protection while they were cleaning the gas out of our subsurface. Go, tree!

On the flower note ... progress. We have as many as seventy day lily blossoms this year...and given my lack of seasonal travel plans, I may not miss any of them.