July 29th, 2007


Expect a number of notes today Note#2

And yes,
thanks for asking...

my stepfather is out of the building... and into another. No longer at the hospital in Westminster, he's now working on rehabilitation in Woodbine, one of those good old Maryland towns suddenly thrown into the 21st century like they never saw it coming.

Scrabble is in the copilot's chair.

1950 is the answer to some recent emails. Official BOF am I.

Questions I've been meaning to ask:

Did you ever even *start* that story you told me you were going to write one day?

Have you ever applied to Clarion (any flavor)?

is it true that:

Vampire writers listen to trance music?
SF writers listen to music of the spheres?
Romance writers listen to country music?
Mystery writers prefer unfinished symphonies?

Will you watch for Friends of Liad breakfast in Montreal this October?

Oh, you are going to be at CON*CEPT
aren't you? Me, Kinzel, Steverino ... I'll be there as far as we know and Rolanni's going to see if she can bend a schedule to make it. Depending on how long the border nonsense takes Montreal ought to take as long to get to as say, AlbaCon, our fairly frequent October convention, of which there isn't one this year.


Please don't offer me a Sundae or other really fancy ice cream covered in goo. I don't do goey stuff anymore, it seems. Vanilla ice cream is good. Cheesecake is good. Keylime pie is good.

Pumpkin. I *do* tend to like pumpkin pie, pumpkin milkshakes, pumpkin butter.

Hard question for old-time printing industry types: do you still have a waxer in the closet?

(I do. And wax! I even have spare blades for the exacto!)

Printing geeks: Do you ever look through used equipment listings and see $100,000 pieces of equipment going for "Please haul this junk out of here?"

Have you joined next year's Worldcon yet?
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