July 27th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

New Star Trek Movie and other oddities

Christmas 2008: a new Trek flick; http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/Movies/07/27/people.leonardnimoy.ap/index.html

I suppose this indicates that we'll have Hogwarts on Ice, the Fifth Generation Holo-Experience, The Return of Moldy Vort... long about 2045 .... simply bewitching!

Bad air day today; not only heat, but just plain bad air, brought to us by gentle winds from all those cars you guys drive down to DC and Florida. Both the air conditioners are on. Neither is much more than a room size air conditioner but if we keep all the windows closed, all the curtains drawn, the one in the living room basically cools the living room, the kitchen, and the short hall, while the big one in the bedroom cools the bedroom, Rolanni's office very well, my office (sort of) ... and we keep the bathroom/laundry room door closed to cut down the noise of the washer, which likely doesn't need cooling, anyway. Once the sun moves to the front of the house in the afternoon my room stays fringe comfortable.

Projects in sight: more stuff with LUC2. I am appalled at how much of the embedded stuff from word processors sticks through multiple file transformations.

Still with me? Shhhh.....

Sneak peek: the cover... for LUC2 ... still needs a couple minor adjustments, if they can be made...

Back to work, me.