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it came out of the wordwork

SRM Publisher news and other stuff...
SRM Publisher has been going through a turbulent few days as our salesman from one printer has moved on and the estimate I finally got back for the new salesman there for LUC2 has gone up there by ... a figure I choke on. We also determined that the Lee & Miller team together were counting ... somewhat different stories as being included in the finished book. So, after re-pouring the book at a mad rate the last two days and then fixing all the silly errors introduced by what should be a benign process it appears Liaden Universe® Companion #2 will have ten stories instead of nine. Am hoping tomorrow to get the new specs off to the back-up printers and see what they say... this is cutting it too close by far, alas.

In between pouring, niggling with font sizes, and such we have printed (I amend, Rolanni has printed)... fliers. Also, the newest Liaden Universe PinBeam Quarterly, Volume 5 no.1. Her new printer works a treat...but still has not Linux drivers which is a triple pain. It works with a Mac...but we have none. If you're off to a convention or a SF club meeting in the next while and have room for paper... contact us and we'll try to get some of these fliers out to you.

Meanwhile: eBay Item number: 250146030702 -- 3 Liaden books from del Rey
Meanwhile: eBay Item number: 320139750379 -- Your chance to hang a Donato (poster) on the wall

Almost fell off the deck yesterday while proving that my idea for a new way to keep the squirrels out of the bird food wasn't... practical. Almost got stung after i didn't fall because, despite special screening, the bees have taken over the humming bird feeder.

Local weather is too hot: spotters and weatherfolk are reporting between 88 and 92 degrees within a few miles in any direction, there's a modest breeze but the air quality is teh pitz ....

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