July 23rd, 2007


Not your problem

Last night, after we all should have been long asleep, there was a sudden screeching and scrittering right out front, startling the household. While I rushed about making sure we'd not left any of the cats outside.... came a vast odor. Scrabble walked the perimeter inside, checking all the windows and doors for security. Mozart sat stock still, eyes alert....

So: was the skunk fighting a cat? A coyote? Arguing with a chipmunk over a hoard of birdseed?

The outside of the front of the house still stinks. There a bare lingering scent inside. There are no findable carcasses out front.

Meanwhile: eBay Item number: 250146030702

for those of you who need signable reading copies of first edition of the first three Liaden Universe novels... At last report there was a penny bid.

For writers, now hear this:

Speaking of skunks or at least of skunkworks:

Announcing New Newsgroup: sff.sfwa.skunkworks
Description: Innovations in SF publishing
Created By: aburt@aburt.com (Andrew Burt)

This is a moderated Usenet style forum looking at technical innovation in publishing,
and how writer can move forward in the midst of revolutionary change. Although started by SFWA for SFWA members, this moderated group is open to the interested.
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