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it came out of the wordwork

Pottered and beyond...
As we were preparing to rush off to Childrens Book Cellar in nearby Waterville for the Potter Party where we were divinators I spoke with my mother via land line ... who told me my stepfather had been having a bad day on Friday, and was really tired, but really she'd called to see if we were pottering and was pleased to hear we were...

On Saturday my stepfather had a worse day, and thus earned a van ride to the hospital in the next county; after the usual emergency room shake-and-bake the staff discovered it might be a little more than tired and so he has been admitted for observation and evaluation, a task expected to take until the middle of the week. I gather that sometimes drugs of great efficacy sometimes just stop working, as if the system says "Oh ho! I see your trick!" and refuses to play anymore.

Between phone calls and such I got a bit behind on the chapter; but we continue and expect to have it up tomorrow .... it *might* be a bit late since there are some scheduled medical things happening tomorrow morning on this end, but it should appear on Monday.

The day is very pleasant here and it would be a good day to be at the ocean, if only to hear the distant: waves seagulls children trains honky-tonk-bar-sounds merry-go-round from a balcony while working on the laptop.

Also, this morning I posted two more buy-it-now pins, which are the last of the dozen we'd recovered. There's two more boxes of stuff in te basement I haven't been able to get too... might be something else interesting there.