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it came out of the wordwork

You are what you print, or Seeing Yellow is Hard to Do...
The government knows who you are because your printer tells them.


Some time back I'd heard of folks testing Xerox brand color printers for this ... and now it seems to have become endemic. Welcome to the information age. Please be sure to register your gun when you buy it. And your printer.

(no subject)
Auction? Well yes ... of the Balance of Trade traveling poster ...

Rolanni has fiddled this auction together and it will run for a week or so. She's bravely starting it off at 1 cent...

Yes, this is a rescue from the Meisha Merlin warehouse ... I guess i should have looked harder to see if the other posters were around, but I was pretty depressed and this in a hurry to get out of town.

Proceeds go to knock down some of the bills the lack of payment from Meisha Merlin have made most dire.