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it came out of the wordwork

Scout's Progress ... featured as a "forgotten classic"
Julie Davis is a podcaster ... and her latest podcast features a number of chapters from Scout's Progress ... by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The podcast is "Forgotten Classics" and Episode 7 may be found at:


other authors featured to date include ...

* Charles Finger
* Georgette Heyer
* Shirley Jackson
* Thorne Smith

That's some company to be in, I think. Julie Davis does a wonderful job. Go listen.

Just in case you've been in the cabbage patch, we also have been benefiting from the skills of Sam Chupp ... who has taken on the very daunting task of trying to keep up with us as we write and post Fledgling. Missed it so far? Visit .... http://fledgling.fireheartfoundry.com/ ...and you'll find it.

Note: it feels strange to be author of a "forgotten classic". Really.