July 15th, 2007


Just a quick note about data-recovery


is there anything on your computer you don't want your boss/ex-boyfriend/hard-drive-mugger to know? Are you using MS-Vista?

Well there, in the hopes of keeping you safe from yourself, and possibly in the hopes that information will make them strong, MS has included a snoopable file-stuffing system that records your data-access patterns in fine-detail. This has lawyers frightened...


This is another good reason to really cook your hard-drive before getting rid of your computer. My ghod, if people could see my rough drafts....

LUC2 is suffering yet another delay while I fight with some kind of embedded-junk from old word processors. Bleah. Meanwhile Tom Peters is rightfull chomping at the bit .. his cover is ready to go. I'll get a preview online RSN.

Fledgling for tomorrow is ... not yet at a point where Rolanni can go over it. Maybe by tomorrow morning at this time... sigh.

To work, to work...
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