July 13th, 2007


At work here in the sunny SRM upstairs office


tired of playing games in between paragraphs? Want to use your talents for science? Can you tell the difference between clockwise and anticlockwise?

Here you go: you can help cosmologists and astronomers (and who knows, maybe you and me too!) understand the universe. Training is quick and you get to play with images made by one of the most powerful telescope on earth. Your job? Simple: categorize galaxies. 

Seriously. This something you *can* do at home. Or at work.


Meanwhile, still not done with the final LUC2 stuff on CS2, but getting there. I conferred with the expert in Augusta and think I have a line on my problems... and besides, I got extra suggestions from Amy and Brian in WTVL.

Thanks, everyone, for the support on the pins. I think there's one left to go up by the weekend.