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it came out of the wordwork

Now hear this: Liaden Universe fans.... and other stuff.
Almost everything takes more time than we want it to....

This morning I found the precious box and have now committed eBay on...

Silver plated brass 3rd edition Liaden Universe pins ... auction # 250141471061 ...

We are still recovering, in some ways, from my trip to Meisha Merlin. I had lots boxes to look through, and some of them were ... marked incorrectly... sigh. After doing nooks and crannies of all the boxes and envelopes and such, I found a dozen of those pins, so I'm listing them as Buy Now, so those of you who have not patience in auctions can move ahead and so we might be able to cut down on the leftover dental bills a bit faster.

I have another bundle of the Del Rey books to put up soon, perhaps today after I read the morning's work of the first 5th of Duainfey. This may be our last bundle of these early Liaden Universe books unless more fine fans send us copies they don't need to help support our unseemly habit of eating regularly. Also on the pile, new copies of a couple hard to find thingies...

After reading Duainfey's start I need to get on LUC#2 which is more behind than i knew. My salesperson at one printer left and records are ... not found. Blech!

Yesterday an undistinguished day at chess. I played no rated games whatsoever but gained points when an error in a previous rating chart was fixed. Go figure. I *really* need to work on my endgame since I let two clear wins get away in 10 minute games. I'm better than that, really.

This morning, it is gray outside, overcast and damp. Much better than a 95 degree blaze of dry air, I betcha.