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it came out of the wordwork

So, July 8 and ...
Well. Still working on this week's Fledgling. Rolanni will get a chance at it later today or tonight and then I get to post it tomorrow as time permits.

Meanwhile, we're collecting various potential eBay things around the house; we'll reduce debt and make room at the same time...

Rolanni has come up with an interesting eBay bundle: her first professional story, published in 1980, and a tarot deck that may have been inspired by it. We'd need to do far more research than I have time for right now to check that... But, if you're into items relating to cats or tarot, or cats AND tarot, take a look at ebay item...
320135894414 which was put up this morning.

So, July 8 and today is remarkable for:

according to several weather services Waterville, Maine had the low temperature for the state for several hours today. Imagine! Usually upcountry and the coast vie for that honor. We've had the high temperature a bunch of time around here ... and with WTVL being all of 6 miles form here I guess that can be a "we" ... but low temp? Not often. Had some hail the other day. I have a graph I've been trying to get into the story for three hours but it won't go... maybe now that I've been goofing off it'll fit... bye!