July 7th, 2007


Now you've gone and done it!

Well... where to start? Fighting with connectivity again...gah.

Right .. .first, over there at Jim Baen's Universe the folks have posted the first half of the novella we sold them just the other day. The one that's due out in December. No grass growing under their feet, eh?

Oh look, my connection to the Internet *is* back .. .so here: http://www.baens-universe.com/articles/Misfits

(aside... the spellchucker keeps wanting to fix "Baen" to "bane" ... go figure.

Meanwhile, You've done it, really. You know that Liaden Universe® Companion Number One book we talk about from time to time? The one we rescued a couple more boxes of from Meisha Merlin there at the end? That SRM Publisher bestseller? Well there... those boxes are empteeeeeeeeee. I *do* have a couple shelf copies in reserve in case a copy that's in transit is lost or turns up under the wheels of a warehouse tractor.
Otherwise, we have a Sold Out sign up there on the catalog page where LUC#1 sits....that makes something over 1400 copies distributed so far, which isn't bad for a home grown.

Thanks, and if you were planning on getting one please hold on while we get other ducks more fully in a row, like Liaden Universe® Companion #2. I figure we're about two weeks behind where we should be on that, mostly my fault. I always assume that the 28 hour a day clock I want to use will become generally available... sigh.

Oh, back to the other thought: In Design CS2 and I are noodling at the small-size paperback version of LUC#1, but it'll still be awhile, sorry. I never got my office or staff together what with these other distractions, so it'll be a few...

Also, those Ace books -- Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Balance of Trade ...that we were selling signed? Sold out. Gone. I may have a back-up copy each of them to cover the books sold and in transit... but elsewise, gone. Thanks, sorry.

I note there's been a recent rush, what with the news getting out that Meisha Merlin was kaput and... the things hitting there at Baen.

Oh, right, and who knows what the Baen folks are doing *now* about those pesky short stories? I mean, they're talking one huge big bundle of 200000 words plus, a Liaden Universe® Big Bang ... to start. Down the road, we'll see how they do it. But there's time, there's time ... I think 8 days until that's due out, but who's counting? I think that'll show up under .... Webscriptions.... there at the Baen publishing empire.

About that rush.. Rolanni rushed down to Augusta yesterday to get a few more copies of Allies printed ... and a couple of the other chapbooks...and when she got home we had another wholesale order come in for Allies and Barnburner and Calamity's Child. I will mention that *many of you* have failed to order Calamity's Child or Barnburner this year, so you'll just have to go over to the the SRM Publisher catalog and make up for it!

Why, you might ask, was this written at 7:04 in the ayem? Well, Theo Waitley needs us to get some work done on Fledgling... since she's got a noon Monday appointment.

And one more thing ... need something to do while you're waiting for more Lee & Miller stuff? Have you been over to the quarterly free online magazine Helix SF? Yep, free as in Fledgling... if you like it, you can send them a few $$ and they split it up at the end of the quarter. If anyone asks, tell them Steve Miller sent you.

Later, in odd moments this weekend, I'll be putting some stuff on ebay....shhhh...