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it came out of the wordwork

Stuff happening and stuff not happening
So, using the magic explanatory word "poo" ...

The stuff not happening (unless major things change very greatly) is my presence at NASFIC. I have the route mapped and timed on my Delorme Street Atlas USA, figured out how much to put aside for gas, made sure we had a car that can make the trip carrying some books and fliers.... and still have the reservation. The thing is we don't have any absolute reason to be there, without having a book fresh out, and Rolanni's work schedule is such that she'd already figured she wouldn't be going... but I figured I could hang in. I passed on a couple other cons this summer, expecting to see everyone at NASFIC...

...but we've still got a couple deadlines intertwined with upcoming medical stuff and the closer push comes to shove the less realistic taking a week plus out of our busy schedule comes. We'll miss the Friends of Liad and we'll miss the Baen Bar folks...
and plead necessity.

Stuff happening includes delivery of the novella for JBU (and receipt of a contract from). We'd originally thought it would go in the October issue but it looks like it's headed for December. Expect a Liaden Universe(r) story of over 23,000 words. That's about one quarter the length of Agent of Change.

And ... I'm sure there was something else...oh, right, Balance of Trade is the featured "starter" in the latest issue of Bookstarter, a publication designed to give readers a taste of a good book... this issue of Bookstarter hit the stands in Central Maine this week. We're already seeing inquiries from new readers...