July 5th, 2007


There's ... people out here!

Gah. As they say. Or, in other words: Not King yet...

We lost connectivity late yesterday afternoon after a short power outage. For awhile the cable company couldn't find us... and so this morning at about 5:43 local time we called through and...the poor overnight tech was still awake. Had to reset-the-modem-one-more-time. And then reset the router, too, of course. Which wanted to be balky....but.

You're here!

Meanwhile we've recently had problems with the router in-house -- it just seems to forget who it is. It's been working away for years and years and now ... Alzheimer's. Dunno, may go out and get one of those VPN-enabled jobbies. Could be useful if I ever get that office in town open...

Loosing connectivity meant I couldn't check every five minutes for a message from the editor I'd sent a script to via email. Argh! It also meant that Elan and Kit couldn't get into Second Life for 4th of July celebration... which was a shame since Elan still has a mighty supply of fireworks. Dunno.. maybe Labor Day, gang....

So, (using DVD instead of cable) since our TV does not connect to our cable anyway, we decided to watch TV. Nope... Fawlty Towers just was NOT doing it. I have such a hard time with TV "comedy" these days... or those days. Am sending it back and canceling the rest of he NETFLIX shipments of Fawlty Towers, sigh.

On the other hand, we didn't give up. We needed a break.... so...we watched Firefly, for the first time ever. Whatever episode it was that was first on the disk.

V cool. Thanks Barbara, we needed that. We'll find time for the rest RSN.

If we need off of the computers for something lighter, we also still *do have* a Rocky and Bullwinkle installment or two to watch. Rocket J is *so* right...

Late Dinner yesterday: baloney on onion roll, with cheese, butter and mustard. Knew we ought to eat something but didn't want to cook anymore. Lunch: hotdogs, cooked Kinzel style... about equal amounts of chopped onions and diced potatoes in pan with 4 hot dogs, a generous amount of olive oil, one cup of water, and a really generous amount of chopped garlic. Cooked until the water was gone and the hot dogs and potatoes browned... with baked beans on the side. Served with chili-sauce, relish, and mustard. See, isolated as we were from the mainstream, we managed hotdogs and baked beans for the 4th.

Breakfast yesterday: one three-egg omelet stuffed with Laughing Cow low-something French Onion Cheese. And coffee... lots of coffee, but I'd mentioned that, sort of, in yesterday's blog.

Speaking of which, Rolanni seems to be filling cups so we can wake up now.

Also -- if you appreciate NASA, this on boomerang from the NESFA list about commemorative coins for the space age: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h110-2750

and, if you still are reading: it says here in my list of days that it's Alma's birthday... happy day, lady!

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