July 4th, 2007


Notes from the North -- Be Happy! Oh, rated P for political

Hope all of you have a good, happy day, and those of you celebrating the 4th of July, US style, will have fun, be relaxed, and play safe. Fireworks are fun, but common sense is your friend.

Here, we're looking at just plain staying in. I made eggs ala Kinzel this morning, with fake bacon on the side, and real apple and blueberry jelly for the assorted toast. A fine, relaxing breakfast during which we wiped out a 6 cup pot of coffee while watching the birds fly in for their breakfast on the deck.

We're going over what we hope is the final draft of a slightly delayed project and I'm finally testing out the print from negative capability of the scanner that's been sitting unused here for quite some time. Perhaps now I can dig out some of those *really old* negatives saved up from my early days of fandom... and who knows, maybe I'll actually be brave enough to share some! What I'm hoping for, really, is to unearth some old negatives taken when I was covering conventions for a newspaper, and maybe some from the 1973 Clarion West. Cross fingers!

Meanwhile, I'm happy for Scooter Libby but sad for the US of A. Read through my friends list postings today and you'll see an amazing amount of uncoordinated dissatisfaction with the political state of things. I don't think Scooter deserves to take Cheney's rap, or George's rap. I'm wondering if Dubya got the idea of commutation from his good buddy industrialist Baron Putin?

Me, I'm happy that the National Guard won't be doing flyovers at today's Winslow 4th Of July parade. Not only is it a dangerous misuse of taxpayer money (and fuel), it's a bunch of useless noise for the folks in Winslow, who last year or the year before mobbed a candy-throwing float in celebration of their freedom... this the same town that banned a Veterans for Peace float as inappropriate a couple years back.

I'm happy that Mr. McCain is in Iraq for the 4th-- it means I can't run into him on a Maine main street . But, like the gas-and-soldier saving decision by the Guard helps hide the amount of fuel (remember gas prices, Dubya!) we've wasted on this war already, I wonder if anyone's asked who's *paying for* McCain's grandstanding? Is his campaign committee paying? Is he flying a military flight? I wonder if he gets to use one of Dubya's old Mission Accomplished banners?

I'm happy to be able to complain this way. I'm tremendously sad that on what should be a day of celebration so many people are necessarily introspective and downbeat on the future.

Really. I am happy. My stepfather, Ronald Moore, a stroke survivor, a WW II Liberty Ship gunner's mate survivor, a former Baltimore Gas and Electric worker and gas-main explosion survivor, is celebrating his 82nd birthday today. Good going! Happy 4th of July!

Oh, yeah. A lot of folks from my state are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea... let's all talk to our senators and representatives and explain that we want to bring 'em home. ASAP. Maybe they can spend next 4th of July in their own hometown enjoying fireworks instead of doing the duck-and-cover in the sand for Dubya and Cheney.

Tomorrow, back to work.
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