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it came out of the wordwork

Moving forward
Yesterday I packed a lot of SRM orders, worked on an intro for the Baen short story ebooks due out (I think) next month, and hunkered down against the heat (90+F) and humidity. The todo list didn't shrink nearly as much as I would have liked; part of that was the 11 emails I answered about the non-appearance of Web of The Trident, and I didn't have answering email in my todo list. Today, I do.

Part of yesterday was also spent watching the thunderstorms streaming by us. By. Looking at wunderground.com we could see them on radar as well as we could both see them and hear them by stepping on the deck. North of us, south of us, streaming from west to east. Here? Dropless.

This morning wunderground.com shows a promising batch of t-storms heading our way, but still far enough away that it might dissipate. Today, of course, I'm scheduled to be on the road for about a 60 mile round trip this morning... so I may be in the midst at some point.

Today I need to plan ahead for the next eBay offers from the books I brought back from Meisha Merlin. I think I may be putting up a couple 3 day, a couple 5 day, and a couple 7 day auctions; still trying to figure out how to afford NASFIC. I also have located the a half dozen or so silverplate on brass Liaden Universe pins; these are the ones that originally sold for around $12. Maybe I can try the quick-sale option on them.

Later: the open road calls.