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it came out of the wordwork

While I'm s'posed to be writing...
Some things still have to happen.

So am washing clothes, I took out the trash, I cleaned cat boxes, and...

gah, had to clean up the macaroni salad that I'd put in the little container topped with plastic wrap... which leapt out of the refrigerator when I opened the door and dutifully unwrapped itself when I tried to catch it....

I have NASA TV online behind my OpenOffice so I can listen in on landing preparations... man, this is what the internet is for!.

Today's outrage? How about a "support" company sending sex offenders for overnight stays with people with mental issues? How about hiring someone under criminal investigation for embezzlement to... run the company books?

I cant tell you that's what happened, but that's what employees seem to be saying happened: http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/news/local/3990877.html ... sigh

Sometime this weekend I may get that scanner that got moved because it wouldn't fit on the same desk as the new printer into a spot the really old scanner had on the file cabinet beside my desk. Next week, then, maybe the desultory scanning of photos dating back to Clarion West of 1973... and old BaltiCons .. shall I post some here?

Now to work....

this is version 1.1 one because I have another potential outrage for you...
a fireworks seizure....


now are you outraged at all?
If so, by endangerment, or by endangerment charge?