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it came out of the wordwork

Quick run here (with some complaints) before a long run on the fiction
Ideally I need to write around 6715 words of fiction today. That's be 4000 more than yesterday. Yeah, right. I'll do what I can, I will.

Meanwhile, Today's Outrage: it says here:
http://bangordailynews.com/news/t/news.aspx?articleid=151208&zoneid=500 that "liability" issues mean that troops going through Bangor International Airport cannot accept cookies or coffee from greeters...

Will the Orioles *ever* win again?

Notes From Recent Experience:

If you buy things using a special email address make sure you check that email address from time to time to see if someone's told you something about your order. If that email address automatically tosses everything it gets as spam please don't complain to the vendor if an important message regarding your order goes missing.

If you buy something from a special email address and you need to ask a question about that order... please make sure that when you query you include information referencing that email address and perhaps the special name you use for that account which is very different from the name you use in your emails in real life. Hint: Paola S. Myth seems not quite the same person as Ralph P. Smith just as Ithinkigotitnow@netzero.com may not match a database entry for RPSMITH44@colonials.com.

Ordering from eBay or Paypal? Did you make sure your current address in real life matches the address you have on your order? Or does Paypal still think you live with that person on the other side of the country in the old apartment building that's been torn down for a Safeway?

Now, to work...