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it came out of the wordwork

Luck is how you see it...
And so this morning I went for a walk before the weather turns too warm for comfort, and at the end of my road (we walk on the roads here, shoulders being a rocky morass and sidewalks nonexistent)I found a shiny-but-scratched penny.

Hah, I snarfed that treasure right up. Lucky penny? A sign?...

...and came home in time to hear the phone call start wherein the agency that holds our mortgage reported that our mortgage payments will go up on the order of 50%, starting in August, on account of factors including Sharon's new job. So, we will now, in 2007, be paying in monthly mortgage payments about what our rent was at Lower Gate Court in 1986.

Then the phone call came from Staples, telling me I've spent so much money at Staples... that they'll give me another 10 percent off packaging supplies as long as I keep buying from them. Locally, there's not much choice, so I guess that helps...

And we've heard from a local auto dealership... who knows we are willing to take a runs-good-but-is-not-pretty car...that they have a 10 year old Subaru sedan due in for us to look at. I'd hoped we'd be able to stay within the current decade, but we'll see what that looks like in the next week or so. Maybe it'll be pretty after all, eh?

Oh, and it looks like some of the plumbing is acting up.

Tell you true, that's some turbulent luck!

Oh, and today's outrage? Trees and people who hate them....