June 17th, 2007


Questions and comments

Have you seen the stars tonight?

No? How about the space station? I went out last night figuring that the combination of the ISS with a new bigger solar cell wing and the docked shuttle ought to be bright and shiny object... and it was. Here's a link to go look for yourself....


please, let me know if you've seen it.

And for the record, how many of you know how many people are in orbit around the earth right now? Can you name more than two?

BTW, next time I'm going to take my binoculars. Am wondering ... what kind of a photo might I get of the ISS from ground level (137 feet above sea level)... Should I get a camera for my "backyard" NexStar telescope?

Thanks, everyone, for the tips on CS2. This week coming should see some major work, finally on the SRM projects that have been sitting not-so-quietly. Oddly enough, I'm going to have to buy another 10 ISBNs or so....


If you happen to have an email in the hopper to me today... it may be awhile getting answered. Not only are the usual things going on, like auctions I might be watching over on ebay: #250128438119 and #250128451809 .... but our ISP reports they'll be doing some nifty server updates over the next few days. Outages shouldn't be for more than a moment or two if at all... but then we now how that can go....

Chapter 19b needs work. Off I go.

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